The importance of the nervous system


The nervous system is the most intelligent and the important system within our body; It enables us to be consciously aware of our surroundings and adapt to the environment we live in. The nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord and is protected by the skull and the vertebral column. They work together to control, co-ordinate and regulate your entire body.


Our brain sends vital information down the nervous system to every organ, joints, and muscles in order to give us the ability to function.  If this information is interfered with it will compromise the functions of our body to work at its optimal level.


There are many reason that can cause inferences to these information, this is what we called subluxations. This is when there is an alteration to the biomechanical and physiological structures of the vertebral column.  Prolonged posture, repetitive stress, old injuries, bad diet and lifestyle habits are only some examples that can cause these interferences.


At Albany Healthcare Centre our Chiropractors are highly trained to analysis, locate and correct the body’s nerve interferences. The correction of the interference through specific chiropractic adjustments coupled with acupuncture will promote the body’s ability to self-heal and perform at it’s best.


People often visit us at Albany Healthcare Centre, Chiropractic & acupuncture clinic for but not limited to:

·       Neck /Mid & lower back pain

·       Headache / Migraine

·       Occupational overuse syndrome / Postural syndrome / Scoliosis

·       Sport injuries & joint pain / Arthritis

·       Accident and injuries

·       Motor vehicle injuries

·       Improve the quality of life


Some common benefits from a well maintained nervous system include but not limited to:

·       painless lifestyle

·       Increase energy levels

·       Increase productivity

·       Improve sleep

·       Better posture and spinal function

·       Improved body’s co-ordination

·       Improved physical function and performance

·       Enhanced immune system

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